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Good day to you all (well those who bother to look ūüėČ ¬†I have been painting again and now can add a second portrait to my portfolioI’ve also found a lovely photoshop frame template, so I’ve added them into frames¬†Enjoy¬†Lee2portraits.jpg¬†


New Thursday, New compo

Posted July 19, 2007 by bilbobarneybobs
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Over at b3ta – The new compo this week is Subversive kid’s books and whilst I’m not too keen on the subject, I took the opportunity to take some time to craft this little image:toking.jpg¬†¬†Spent a lot of time working on a website for a client last night, which is nearly finished, but he still has to send me final copy. I’m hoping to resume working on the portrait of a fellow b3tan this evening – I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going…¬†

Cake, Cake, Lovely Cake

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Well, playing online Monopoly spawned this rather weak punI’m ashamed. But rather pleased. So there.cakeopoly.jpg¬†

Suggested loosely by Mrs T

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Just something a bit daft. I think, my favourite chocolate:toblerone in space 

Sven’s Manchester Connection

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A bit topical, with added Pun.Enjoy.svenofnine.jpg   

Oscar Charlie Tango Oscar

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Well, another compo entry for b3ta, spent far too much time doing this when it’s so obviously “bin” done before but I wanted to, so there.oscar.jpg

Poor Doggy – hang tight boy!

Posted July 16, 2007 by bilbobarneybobs
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Dog¬†hangingIt’s a bit big this one, sorry, but sometimes length is important. I rather like the juxtaposition of innocence with reckless abandon, which is evident in the expression in the Dog’s eyes. The balloons act as a metaphor for his indecision over this morning’s breakfast and letting go of them would signify letting go of his youthful innocence, abandoning puppy-hood if you will, to pursue the more genteel passtimes awaiting the mature dog.¬†¬†It might also be because I thought it would be an amusing image.¬†